Re: [dwm] dwm on Plan 9

From: Enno \ <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 19:54:13 +0200

I thought about writing an overlay-fs between rio and the clients, but
I don't have any code. It's just an idea.

I think "porting" dwm to plan9 would be cool, as I prefere a keyboard
based user interface on my notebook.

Move on :)

2008/7/13, Alexander Malkin <>:
> Some time ago there was a discussion on this list about porting dwm to
> win32 and plan 9. I am currently looking into getting dwm onto plan 9,
> it would be less of a port and more of a rewrite that borrows many
> functions from rio. Has anyone began such a project? It would be a
> waste of time for me to start from scratch when someone has something
> already started.

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