Re: [dwm] Coding styles

From: Kai Gro▀johann <>
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2008 23:47:27 +0200

Antony Jepson wrote:
> On 2008-08-01, Kai Gro▀johann wrote:
>> Cool! I am a friend of Vimperator, so perhaps one of those could
>> cooperate with it to provide the vi/vim experience when editing
>> textareas, too?
> You can use C-i to open your favourite editor inside of a textarea.
OMG ;-)

I don't know whether I should rejoice or cry. Should I cry because of
all the lost time? Or rejoice because I know it?

Maybe I'll choose rejoicing because I am an optimist at heart and also
it feels better.

Thank you very kindly, sir.

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