[dwm] Help with the tags mask syntax

From: Giorgio Lando <patroclo7_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 20:09:13 +0200

Hi, I have been a long term dwm 4.7 user and I have now updated to 5.1.
So far everything goes extremely well, but I do not understand how the
tags mask in config.h works. I have looked in this mailing list for
examples, but I am not able to grasp their logic.
I have verified that I can force a window class in a certain tag n
masking all the tags till n-1: so to emulate the old tag regex 9 I have
to put 1 >> 8 as a tag mask.
But how I force a window class in the first tag? Also, how masking a
certain tag pushes a window class in a certain other (for example if I
use 4 as the tag mask for the windows related to emesene, those windows
take the tag 3; why?).
I have also seen some config.h including three digits values for the tag
mask (such as 200) or using two values with a -. Could someone be so
kind to explain me from a general point of view the syntax of the tag

Thanks in advance
Giorgio Lando
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