Re: [dwm] some proposed changes

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 09:53:23 +0100

2008/8/10 Premysl Hruby <>:
> On (09/08/08 12:55), yy wrote:
>> Attached there is a patch with some changes to dwm.c. It uses
>> XLowerWindow and XMoveResizeWindow instead of configure functions in
>> restack() and resize() respectively. I suposse there is a good reason
>> to use configure here, but since Anselm is on holidays I ask here if
>> somebody knows the reason. I'm using it this way and have found no
>> problems so far but they could appear with tricky programs. It removes
>> some loc and I think the code is a bit more consistent this way.
>> The other change is a new click option: ClkTagButton, this way you can
>> have buttons in the tags to see previous tags or to see all of them.
>> Anyway, the comment in config.def.h should be corrected to explain the
>> current behaviour with ClkTagBar. My config.h is attached too, with
>> some interesting custom functions.

> reason for using XConfigureWindow in restack() is setting border_width
> of client (and this is the only reason for not using XMoveResizeWindow
> as you propose).
> XLowerWindow was used in past, but it makes windows flickering in
> monocle layout, as windows are pushed to the bottom of the stack.
> Solution currently in use prevent flickering.

Yes, XConfigureWindow is just the more direct way of changing window
attributes in X, XMove[Resize]Window, X{Lower,Raise}Window, etc. end
up in XConfigureWindow-equivalent calls afaik. I think we should keep
it as it is.

Kind regards,
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