[dwm] [OT] tiny gallery minor update+ideas

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 16:31:04 +0200

I sent a mail few time ago about the gallery system I wrote in a boring
night for managing my pictures, and now I come back with some new ideas
and stuff...

In the current version i have just replaced the imagemagick dependency
in pro to use gstreamer which is faster, cooler and generates smaller
files with better quality. i dont like imagemagick O:)

Here's the perl script i wrote that uses gstreamer to generate the


My current plan is to rewrite 'tg' in C and make it depend on a external
program to do these tasks supporting batched conversions in a better

I also plan to write a ValaGtk frontend to make the gallery usable for
non-console people (this is a secondary task) so, just a simple image
viewer with support to manage all the options of 'TG' from the gui.

About the web frontend I plan to add video support (reencoding mpg/avi
to flv or theora) and adding a flv/theora web player inside the gallery,
and try to offer a better interface (a non-php CGI would be cool) with
timeline support, slideshow, related/random pictures and better
protection for private galleries. A pluggeable interface for these
features would be cool.

I understand that most of the web/GUI development breaks most of the
rules of suckless, but, I want a decent gallery without depending on php
or sql, allowing me to interface with it using the shell.

Ping me if you have any idea/tip/patch/... :)

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