Re: [dwm] 2 bugs in resize()

From: Peter Hartlich <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 16:19:58 +0200

Hi Anselm,

>> Is there a reason though for mina being y/x ratio instead of x/y

> The only reason I can imagine is, that y < x usually

But with mina/maxa being floating point values, why is that a problem?

> so I'd rather keep this for the mina.

If you apply only half the patch, then in

| else if(a < c->mina)
| h = w / c->mina;

c->mina would have to be changed to 1.0/c->mina.

> Hmm, I might have overlooked this, however I'm rather confident that
> most other WMs do it similiarly. I will add a check if minw == basew
> && minh == baseh to prevent the subtraction in this corner case.

A window could set min and base to be the same though... This size hint
stuff is so hairy.

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