Re: [dwm] Feature request: any way to change default values in config

From: Jan Kaliszewski <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 17:51:21 +0200

23-08-2008 @ 10:10 Anselm R Garbe <> wrote:

> 2008/8/23 Jan Kaliszewski <>:
>> Recently I thought about possibility of changing default values in
>> *config.h*, e.g. tagset[] = {1 | 1 << 1, 1 << 1 | 1 << 4 | 1 << 7}
>> Obviously, I can always hack main dwm source file but it would be nice
>> to set such values without touching dwm.c
>> * to add 2 arrays: custiom_pre/custom_post -- similar to arrays keys and
>> buttons but simpler: only containing actions connected with
>> startup/quitting
>> What do you think about it?

> Why don't you define 2 key bindings for this using tag() instead with
> your initial tag sets?

I could but the point is -- to be able to have done some actions directly
after startup, without having to press any keys or do any other
user-action... So it's a different functionality than key bindings.

Now I think:

* If we say about setting some values, especially 'tagset' (maybe also
some other, I don't know)
-- it'll be enough to move its initialization from dwm.c to config.h.
There is no reason that at start there must be set e.g. to {1, 1} and not
some user custom values, isn't it?

* If we say also about some other directly-after-startup actions
(especially running some programs; e.g. I'd like to always have my
favorite terminal+screen run after start) and also maybe
directly-before-quit actions
-- adding possibility to define such actions in array(s) (in a manner
similar to key bindings and button actions, but only with 'function' and
'argument') in config.h would be useful.

Best regards

PS. Another idea: use array 'keys' with a pseudo-key symbol such as
XK_AfterStartup -- it'd be rather "hakish" :(

But maybe good idea would be to generalize 'keys' and 'buttons' (and
mentioned 'custom_pre/post') arrays to one array with Events? (e.g. with
attributes 'modifier mask', 'event' [a key|a click|a
button|start|quit|what else], 'function', 'argument')

Jan Kaliszewski (zuo)
Received on Sat Aug 23 2008 - 15:51:21 UTC

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