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From: yy <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 03:40:44 +0200

2008/8/28 Maxim Vuets <>:
> I think that mouse is not really important for dwm status bar.

Well, I think it is. I use dwm exclusively with the mouse without any
changes to dwm.c (have a look at the customisation/customfunctions
section in the wiki to see my config.h)

> Why you trying to escape just two optional operations of nav.?
> I'll try to explain my vision on an expamle.
> You have such tags: www, mail, irc, im, dev.
> The most time you spend on developing something.
> But from time to time you want to check irc and mail, maybe serf smth.
> And all the time you want to see your im client.
> What you do? Untag www, mail, irc; tag dev; change layout; change
> order of windows... ouch.
> Now you have two workspaces/desktops: one for the Internet (irc, im,
> www, mail), another one for a work (dev, im). The first has rstack layout
> with corresponding master width and windows order. The second has
> bstack layout with an editor in master area and two terminals on the
> bottom: one is tagged as dev (for output, debug...), another one is
> tagged as im. Now you use just one key to change between these
> desktops. Each one is comfortable for its purposes.
> No need to rearrange windows and so on.

You don't need any changes in dwm.c to achieve this functionality. You
just have to define your keys your way. e.g. (not tested) :

        { MODKEY, KEY, view, {.ui = TAGS} }, \
        { MODKEY, KEY, setlayout, {.v =
&layouts[LAYOUT]} }, \
        { MODKEY, KEY, setmfact, {.f = 1.FACT} },

And later:

        WORKSPACEKEYS( XK_q, 1 << 0 | 1
<< 1 | 1 << 2, 0, 55)
        WORKSPACEKEYS( XK_w, 1 << 2 | 1
<< 3, 1, 70)

This way you could chose workspaces with q, w,...
You could also write a little function to set this parameters and call
arrange just once to avoid flickering, or use a variable to be able to
cycle through them or change the values per workspace. I just want to
show that you can add all this without any complication.
OTOH, I have tried some similar approachs in the past (patching dwm)
and at the end I always come back to the original dwm tagging. If it
is easy enough choosing any set of tags (with view or tag), change
layouts, etc. having artifacts to remember the different states will
just complicate things.

> Look, one of the reasons why you want to keep status bar is that it's more
> simple to interact with it via mouse. It uses only mouse. But there is no way
> to manage windows using only mouse, because you need to hold some meta
> key, you know. Such title bars bring a possibility to manage windows
> w/o keyboard (;
> --
> Hoc est simplicissimum!

As I have told before I completely use dwm _only_ with the mouse. I
use the clicks in the window title (or the root window) to call
move/resize window functions. Again, have a look at my config.h in the
customisation section if you want an example.

Why does everybody think dwm is not configurable? ;)


- yiyus || JGL .
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