Re: [dwm] dwm: request to discuss

From: Maxim Vuets <>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 12:31:44 +0300

2008/8/29, Anselm R Garbe <>:

>> I like simplicity. I like simple applications. But few LOCs don't mean
>> that
>> application is simple. It means only that it has few LOCs.
> I only argue that few LOCs is a good indicator of simplicty, not the
> only one, though.

I see.

>> To be simple application must be simple in use, simple in extensioning,
>> simple in hacking, simple in configurating.
> In my opinion dwm as it is meets these ideals quite well.

No doubt. Otherwise dwm would be different.

>> Why you trying to escape just two optional operations of nav.?
> Let's be honest, it's not two operations in the end. Introducing
> workspaces means, that you need more than just navigation, you also
> need moving clients between workspaces, etc.

Of course, I may be wrong. But for now I see just two ops: next and
previous workspace. You don't need to move somehow a client between
workspaces: you just need to use already exist ops---tag and untag.
Workspace is just a set of settings such as selected tags, layout and
layout parameters.

>> You have such tags: www, mail, irc, im, dev.
>> The most time you spend on developing something.
>> But from time to time you want to check irc and mail, maybe serf smth.
>> And all the time you want to see your im client.
>> What you do? Untag www, mail, irc; tag dev; change layout; change
>> order of windows... ouch.
> No no -- in this situation you define your im client being floating
> and tagged with all tags (~0). To check from time to time irc and mail
> you just toggle your irc and mail tags into the view -- you could bind
> a special key to do this -- and for toggling between this you can use
> Alt-Tab afterwards. The order of windows will be preserved if you
> Alt-Tab btw, as long as you do not perform zoom().

I understand all this as a workaround. Too much actions for me.
I have already written about it: Mod+Tab switches between _two_
sets of tags. Just two and just tags. Binding a key via config.h makes
it hardcoded, not dynamic.
"d" in dwm stands for dynamic (;

>> Now you have two workspaces/desktops: one for the Internet (irc, im,
>> www, mail), another one for a work (dev, im). The first has rstack layout
>> with corresponding master width and windows order. The second has
>> bstack layout with an editor in master area and two terminals on the
>> bottom: one is tagged as dev (for output, debug...), another one is
>> tagged as im. Now you use just one key to change between these
>> desktops. Each one is comfortable for its purposes.
>> No need to rearrange windows and so on.
> Well you don't need a workspace for this. What you want is remembering
> the layout in use on a tagset basis. That's easy to patch in.

It remembers just a layout? If yes, then again it is not what I want.
Ok, you have two sets of tags and switch between them with a help
of Mod+Tab and that patch makes dwm to remember layout per tags sets,
right? Does it remember master width per sets?

Hoc est simplicissimum!
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