[dwm] subnotebooks take two

From: Ian Daniher <it.daniher_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 13:12:37 -0500

Hi all,
Paralleling the dwm-on-subnotebook discussion of a few months back, I have
two things to share.
First off:
I've spun a dwm/debian build for the OLPC XO.
The XO is a tiny, durable, water resistant laptop with an amazing 1200x900
7.5" display. More details on the hardware can be found here:
I use my XO as my day-to-day computer, irregardless of it's florescent green
With DWM, the two display modes I use most often are monocole and reversed
gridmode(columns instead of rows).
I find that its screen, while comparitively tiny, is sufficient for reading
ebooks, browsing the web on w3m or a remote firefox session, and for editing
documents on a remote OpenOffice session or with nano.
I also, shamefully enough, use the device as a thinclient for my school's
remote desktop server.
DWM is particularlly conducive to the above actions due to its small size,
hotkeys, and incredibly efficient use of screen realestate. The STDIN
functionality of the menu bar is also useful as it allows me to display my
battery level on a system which most battery monitoring applets choke due to
it's disues of ACPI.
Another often-used suckless app on my XO is dmenu, which I use with a custom
script to rotate the screen, suspend the laptop, change the backlight, and
so on.
Thanks for all the awesome software you all have put together!
Second off:
The HP2133 mininote is on sale on amazon. Running linux out of the box, the
thing packs a 1280x768 8.9" screen, this thing isn't affected by the most
significant limitation of most subnotebooks, the puny screen.
The advert can be found here: *http://tinyurl.com/hp2133dwm.

Ian Daniher
OLPC Support Volunteer
OLPCinci Repair Center Coordinator
Skype : it.daniher
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