[dwm] dwm for win32

From: <joten_AT_freenet.de>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 20:19:09 +0100

Hello everyone.

About an year ago there was a thread regarding a port of dwm to win32,
but it has only been said, that some initial code was written. I did not
find any code in the repository or elsewhere something about d4w; is
there anything usable at the moment?
In the meantime I rewrote dwm 5.2 as an AutoHotkey script. As it is a
script it is more a rapid prototype than a sophisticated and speedy
window management solution. It is no shell replacement, just
administrating windows and resizing and moving them around. If you are
interested, take a look at http://freenet-homepage.de/bug.n . If there
is already a usable port of dwm, I would be glad to a wink at it.

Greetings, joten #adBox3 {display:none;}
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