Re: [dwm] OT : suckless foreign function interface

From: Fernan Bolando <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 20:02:53 +0800

On 11/20/08, Christoph Lohmann <> wrote:
> Good evening,
> Am Tue, 18 Nov 2008 20:18:10 +0000 schrieb "Anselm R Garbe"
> <>:
>> The advantage is, 9P can be used in an universal way, network
>> transparently and without any platform/language boundaries. The only
>> tricky part is defining a sane synthetic fs for abstracting the RPCs
>> you are looking for. However, there are non-Plan9ish examples in the
>> procfs (might not be the best reference though).
> For 9P you need a system support, so you can use local calls, which
> are fast. If you intend to run it over network (resp. Unix sockets),
> you have the problem of latency and lazy implementations of 9P. 9P
> can be implemented asynchronously, but for a simple library/module inter-
> face it's too much of a hassle.
> Christoph Lohmann
The 9p idea made me think that there may be some simple way of doing it in plan9. I wrote a plumber interface. Its probably suboptimal, but it seems to work. plumber will even loads the handler :)

Doing it this seems to suggest a removal of some of the stuff from the interpreter itself, because you only file io.

Another way is to use plumber code to write a dedicated ffi server mount it into the file system, but I dont know if it's any better.

I guess doing it this way is very close to the system() call approach.

sorry about the OT. but thanks a lot.

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