Re: [dwm] Virtual keyboards

From: Peter Hartlich <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 15:02:56 +0100

Hi Anselm,

>>> It appears to me that both the onscreen keyboard and the client with
>>> the input focus should have a selfg border -- at least that makes most
>>> sense in my opinion.

>> But you need to be able to distinguish between dwm's _selected_ (for
>> tagging, closing etc.) client and X's _focused_ client.

What I meant was imagine you have an unselected but focused window (e.g.
a vkbd) and an unfocused but selected other window (e.g. a terminal). If
both get the same border, how would you know which one will close if you
press Shift+Mod+c? (Except looking at the window title and guessing.)

> What's wrong with focussing the next in the stack?

Instead of focusing the last focused window saved in foc, if I understand
you right? Wouldn't that make using a virtual keyboard pretty hard?

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