[dwm] Tag masks

From: Jake Todd <jaketodd422_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 17:04:14 -0500

I'm having some trouble with tag masks. From what I understand, they
allow you to place certain windows on specific tags when they are
spawned; please correct me if that is wrong. I've been trying to get
firefox (Iceweasel) to spawn on the second tag, but I have not had any
luck accomplishing this. in my config.h I have my tags set up like this:

static const char tags[][MAXTAGLEN] = { "term", "web", "irc", "im",
"media", "misc" };

I've have this for the my tag masks:

static Rule rules[] = {
        /* class instance title tags mask isfloating
        { "Gimp", NULL, NULL, 1 << 2, True },
        { "Navigator", NULL, NULL, 1 << 4, False },
        { "Navigator", NULL, "Iceweasel", 1 << 4,
        False },
        { NULL, NULL, "Iceweasel", 1 << 4, False }

This hasn't worked so far. I got the class and instance entries from
'xprop WM_CLASS', which returned:

WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Navigator", "Iceweasel"

Does anyone have any other information on this? The 'wiki' has very
limited info in it concerning this, despite it saying that it has
extensive information on it.

Thanks for any help.
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