[dwm] [dwm+owner@suckless.org: Messages from dwm@suckless.org to you have been bouncing]

From: Joerg van den Hoff <j.van_den_hoff_AT_fzd.de>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 10:02:39 +0100

hi there,

some days ago I've started to receive mails
like the attached one (about 3 up to now).

so I have a few questions:

-- does anybody else see this?
-- what exactly does the message mean ("list of bounced messages: 7257")?
-- is this a problem upstream on the mailing list machine or
   a local problem of my mail server? what can I do about it?

thanks a lot


attached mail follows:

Hi, this is the mlmmj program managing the mailinglist


Some messages to you could not be delivered. If you're seeing this
message it means things are back to normal, and it's merely for your

Here is the list of the bounced messages:

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