Re: [SOLVED] [dwm] Gvim size problem

From: Preben Randhol <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:54:45 +0200 (CEST)

> Similar experience in the past but seem fixed now. I guess it should
> be a gvim problem. You may test by comparing with other gtk based
> text editors such as geany or gedit.
> It should be `lines' not set correctly. try
> :set lines?
> for gvim, lines depends on both gfn and window height.

I see. "set lines" report 34 when Gvim is opened and when it is refreshed
(by using one of the workarounds mentioned here) "set lines" report 37.

So I search around in the vim help files and found out in the end that the
'guiheadroom' is set to 50 by default. This is subtracted from window

But by adding:

set ghr=0

to .gvimrc, gvim will use the whole height and the problem goes away!

So not a dwm problem after all... Hope it works for others too.
I use vim 7.2.79


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