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From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 14:45:55 +0200

Some time ago I started to write a new program to implement a simple
preprocessor for doing
some over-cpp preprocessing allowing me to use specials preprocessor
tags inside the comments of the C code generated by Vala to add some
funny hacks on top of it.

I was also thinking on many other applications for the same concept, so
i tried to keep the
code as minimal as possible being able to work with streams or files and
in the same time
being able to write CGI's using the same preprocessing language.

After a month or so I think is time to make it public (it was public
since the beggining, but not published :P) So I would like to hear from
you ideas, tips, patches, simplifications, etc..

Actually spp works great and can partially emulate spp, pod and other
preprocessors using a simple plugin-system (maybe dwm can get some ideas
from this plugin system).

So at the current state, spp is just a simple preprocessor engine whcih
allows to implement
different backends for multiple syntaxes or ways to parse the input in C
at compile time and then use these rules to generate new data from a set
of rules and some basic transformations.

Actually i'm thinking on adding templates or some better way for
scripting dataj to generate for example an index for a list of items or
so, but I want first to let people play with it and the suckless
community is probably the best one for getting decent feedback with this
kind of minimalistic stuff.

   hg clone http://news.nopcode.org/miau/hgi/spp/

Thanks for listening ;)

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