Re: [dwm] dwm's future

From: Matthias-Christian Ott <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 21:38:23 +0200

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 12:05:57PM -0700, Amit Uttamchandani wrote:
> > > Except some of us don't have a choice and have to use this for their
> > > work or at uni...
> >
> > Well, what about GNU Octave? Mathematica seems to have become as much a
> > disease as Fortran was in last decades.
> >
> I once tried to explain to my professor if I could use Octave instead
> of Matlab but he wouldn't even hear of it...I even tried explaining
> that is compatible, etc., etc. but no luck...
Most teachers are morons. I tried to convince some of mine to switch to Free
Software or accept non-Microsoft formats, such as PDF or PostScript, but
they either refused to listen or thought Free Software is evil and accused
me of using pirated software, etc. (of course I listed all four freedoms
they have with Free Software and tried explain to them what Free Software
licenses are about).

The problem with them seems to be that they have been an educational authority
for so long that they think they know everything better and don't have to
listen. When I was supposed to hand in yet another Microsoft Word or Excel file
(that's quite common), I tried to explain that to one of them, but She said:
"That's bad luck, search for someone who let's you use his computer!" and
walked away.

Well, I could go on. However, morons don't justify the use or the introduction
of fixes for this software.

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