Re: [dwm] Stats script

From: Claudio M. Alessi <>
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 09:38:36 +0200

On Sat, May 02, 2009 at 11:30:23PM -0400, Jake Todd wrote:
> I was wondering what some other dwm users were using for stats like
> memory, temperature, et cetera. Right now I'm using this for
> termperature, memory, wifi, date:
Your script is nice, though I use an UTF-8-based script[0] I wrote some
month ago (and posted a preview here[1]) which you can found useful.
From my ~/.xinitrc it run as follow:

   while true ; do xsetroot -name "$(~/ -dacw wlan0 -tl)" ; sleep 30 ; done &

It may need to be adapted from case to case (e.g., your thermal zone
directory in proc is THRM while in mine are TZ00 and TZ01).

> The only problem with this is when memory goes over 100MB, it doesn't
> show up (need to fix that).
To be honest i don't get any value for the memory field at all. You should
found a better "general" way. Alsa i suggest you, in order to save few (?)
cycle of CPU, you can avoid to call cat(1) passing the file name directly
to sed(1), tail(1), and so forth for others Unix tools.

Hope this helps.

Claudio M. Alessi


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