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From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 16:08:07 +0200

I have been looking a bit for an alternative for X11, and I found nano-X
quite interesting,
but it is currently an abandoned project. 8000 LOCs, there's an
abstraction library to wrap
libX11 and there's support for some many IO devices (tty, gpm, ..) It
runs directly writing
on fb0, but it shouldnt be hard to make it run as Xnest (for testing
purposes) or draw a
xorg-driver layer to directly run with native graphics drivers.

The source looks quite clean and I think we can use it as base for the
minimal X replacement.

ARG, what do you think about this? :)

A dwm port to nano-X would be also interesting, so having all the
primitives abstracted as we
already discussed few mails ago would be necessary.

I have seen screenshots of nanox running mozilla, so i can think that
there's no opengl support
and so on, but in reality...i never use opengl and everytime i try to
use less the browser, so
for low memory and resource usage a nanox with dwm-nanox and some
nanoxterms somewhere would
be nice.

There's little movement in the mailing list nowadays, but the last
release is from 1999. So I
can think that the project is dead.

Here's the last release of nanox (0.4)

Actually the project has grown and it was renamed to "microwindows"
which has become a much bigger project: ( iwas unable to compile it
because of the outdated dependency against freetype (v1) )


this tarball contains nanox (but depends on freetype and such) and now
is 16KLOC

Official website:

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