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From: Premysl Hruby <>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 12:05:42 +0200

On (20/05/09 11:53), Uriel wrote:
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> From: Uriel <>
> Subject: Re: [dwm] Re: New mailing list
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> The problem is not dwm@ and wmii@, the problem is all the other stuff
> that is unrelated to either, the only two logical and consistent
> options are to either we further split the community into st@ dws@ and
> so on, or we merge everything, and I think that option is a
> no-brainer.
> uriel

Well, as I said in earlier email, I'm not against merge-all-in-on, I
just dislike idea of having hackers@ as sort of alias "send to all" etc.

I even think that having only one ml for all (wmii+dwm+commit
mails+other) would be fine for all of us.


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