[dwm] dmenu + xft

From: John Yates <john_AT_yates-sheets.org>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 09:09:41 -0400

Attached is a patch adding xft support to dmenu 4.0. I claim no
copyright as it is little more than mimicing patterns I found in
Alexander Polakov's 3.4 patch and Robert Manea's dzen xft support. I
have attempted to follow the suckless paradigm as much as possible
(e.g. config.mk). xft support is optional and when it is enabled it
does not remove classic x11 fonts (as Alexander Polakov's patch did).
An xft font specification is recognized by the presence of a "xft:"
prefix; anything else is treated as classic x11.

Other changes:

I removed support for a selected foreground color as dmenu never
actually used it. This allowed the width of the help message to
remain unchanged when I added a -bh (bar height) option. This option
is orthogonal to xft support. Motivation for bar height is covered in
my recent "Some Gnome fit and finish work" posting to the xmonad mail

Ideally I would like to see this patch included in dmenu so that in
time it can become part of main stream distributions. If there is no
chance of that happening then what is the proper place at suckless.org
to post the patch?


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