[hackers] [dmenu] Escape -s in dmenu.1

From: Kris Maglione <jg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Sun Feb 25 22:45:51 2007

changeset: 180:b6141100289b
tag: tip
user: Kris Maglione <jg_AT_suckless.org>
date: Sun Feb 25 16:41:05 2007 -0500
summary: Escape -s in dmenu.1

diff -r 6ff4c6118b64 -r b6141100289b dmenu.1
--- a/dmenu.1 Sat Feb 24 15:38:26 2007 +0100
+++ b/dmenu.1 Sun Feb 25 16:41:05 2007 -0500
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 dmenu \- dynamic menu
@@ -53,41 +53,41 @@ Appends the character to the text in the
 Appends the character to the text in the input field. This works as a filter:
 only items containing this text will be displayed.
-.B Left/Right (Mod1-h/Mod1-l)
+.B Left/Right (Mod1\-h/Mod1\-l)
 Select the previous/next item.
-.B PageUp/PageDown (Mod1-k/Mod1-j)
+.B PageUp/PageDown (Mod1\-k/Mod1\-j)
 Select the first item of the previous/next 'page' of items.
-.B Home/End (Mod1-g/Mod1-G)
+.B Home/End (Mod1\-g/Mod1\-G)
 Select the first/last item.
-.B Tab (Control-i)
+.B Tab (Control\-i)
 Copy the selected item to the input field.
-.B Return (Control-j)
+.B Return (Control\-j)
 Confirm selection and quit (print the selected item to standard output). Returns
 .B 0
 on termination.
-.B Shift-Return (Control-Shift-j)
+.B Shift\-Return (Control\-Shift\-j)
 Confirm selection and quit (print the text in the input field to standard output).
 .B 0
 on termination.
-.B Escape (Control-bracketleft)
+.B Escape (Control\-bracketleft)
 Quit without selecting an item. Returns
 .B 1
 on termination.
-.B Backspace (Control-h)
+.B Backspace (Control\-h)
 Remove enough characters from the input field to change its filtering effect.
-.B Control-u
+.B Control\-u
 Remove all characters from the input field.
-.B Control-w
+.B Control\-w
 Remove all characters of current word from the input field.
 .BR dwm (1),
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