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+sbase - suckless unix tools
+sbase is a collection of unix tools that are inherently portable
+across UNIX and UNIX-like systems.
+The following programs are currently implemented:
+ basename cal cat chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum cmp comm cp cut
+ date dirname du echo env expand false fold grep head hostname id
+ kill ln ls mc md5sum mkdir mkfifo mktemp mv nice nl nohup paste
+ printenv pwd readlink renice rm rmdir sleep setsid sort split
+ sponge strings sync tail tar tee test touch tr true tty uudecode
+ uuencode uname uniq unlink seq sha1sum sha256sum sha512sum wc who
+ xargs yes
+sbase is mostly following POSIX but we deviate wherever we think it is
+The complement of sbase is ubase[1] which is Linux specific and
+provides all the non-portable tools. Together they are intended to
+form a base system similar to busybox but much smaller and suckless.
+To build sbase, simply type make. You may have to fiddle with
+config.mk depending on your system.
+You can also build sbase-box, which generates a single binary
+containing all the required tools. You can then symlink the
+individual tools to sbase-box.
+Ideally you will want to statically link sbase. If you are on Linux
+we recommend using musl-libc[2].
+sbase has been compiled on a variety of different operating systems,
+including Linux, *BSD, OSX, Haiku, Solaris, SCO OpenServer and others.
+Various combinations of operating systems and architectures have also
+been built.
+You can build sbase with gcc, clang, tcc, nwcc and pcc.
+[1] http://git.suckless.org/ubase/
+[2] http://www.musl-libc.org/
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