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-ubase is a set of tools similar to util-linux to complement sbase[1].
+ubase - suckless linux base utils
-Build a statically linked version of sbase-box with musl:
+ubase is a collection of tools similar in spirit to util-linux but
+much simpler.
- make CC=musl-gcc LDFLAGS=-static ubase-box
+The following programs are currently implemented:
-[1] http://git.suckless.org/sbase
+ chvt clear ctrlaltdel df dmesg eject fallocate free getty halt id
+ insmod killall5 lsmod lsusb mknod mkswap mount mountpoint pagesize
+ pidof pivot_root ps rmmod stat su swapoff swapon truncate umount
+ unshare uptime watch who
+The complement of ubase is sbase[1] which mostly follows POSIX and
+provides all the portable tools. Together they are intended to form a
+base system similar to busybox but much smaller and suckless.
+To build ubase, simply type make. You may have to fiddle with
+config.mk depending on your system.
+You can also build ubase-box, which generates a single binary
+containing all the required tools. You can then symlink the
+individual tools to ubase-box.
+Ideally you will want to statically link ubase. We highly recommend
+using musl-libc[2].
+[1] http://git.suckless.org/sbase/
+[2] http://www.musl-libc.org/
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