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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 07:36:27 +0100 (CET)

commit b8804f9f675b79ddd2db47aeef626d6ae3ce5ca3
Author: Greg Reagle <greg.reagle_AT_umbc.edu>
Date: Thu Feb 19 16:33:22 2015 -0500

    document keys in man page

diff --git a/st.1 b/st.1
index e655530..0700787 100644
--- a/st.1
+++ b/st.1
_AT_@ -67,6 +67,31 @@ st executes
 instead of the shell. If this is used it
 .B must be the last option
 on the command line, as in xterm / rxvt.
+.B Ctrl-Print Screen
+.B Shift-Print Screen
+.B Print Screen
+.B Alt-Shift-Page Up
+increase font size
+.B Alt-Shift-Page Down
+decrease font size
+.B Alt-Shift-Home
+reset to default font size
+.B Shift-Insert
+paste from primary selection
+.B Alt-Shift-Insert
+paste from clipboard selection
 .B st
 can be customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source
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