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From: Aditya Goturu <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 12:25:34 +0530

I just found some programmers use one over another in every scenario, and I could not see any reason for this bias. I just wanted to know if some advantage existed. Sorry for the bad question.

Aditya Goturu
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> > That said, I find the question silly and would like to know whether 
> > you learned any program outside of youtube, like, with documentation 
> ...any programming outside... 
> Seriously, RTFM. It's not like this is a place for social studies 
> about programming, because all the things people might tell you have a 
> certain probability to be wrong to them. As someone who has to do with 
> fully deterministic machines I do not understand I do not understand 
> why you would stick to things other people told you instead of trying 
> to figure them out on your own and there is no reason to receive any 
> straight answer to a question this stupid since you'd probably believe 
> us anything whatsoever. So unless you change your mindset about 
> reality, I think you're in the wrong place here and kindly ask you to 
> leave.l 
> cheers! 
> mar77i 
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