Re: [hackers] [slock][PATCH] Reset color to INIT on Escape key press

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 10:44:02 +0200

Thomas wrote:
> Wouldn't it be more consistent if setting failonclear to false also caused
> slock not to fail on "escape"? After all, if you don't press "return", there's
> been no guess.

Heyho Thomas,

that is exactly the behaviour on "failonclear == false". It will only set the
screen to the fail color, if there was a failed login attempt (pressing return
at least once). Due to the mentioned security intentions there is no way to
reset the failed state. If you don't want this feature at all, you can just set
the failed color to black as well.

> Anyhow... I didn't search through the list archives; if we're revisiting this,
> feel free to drop it (with my apologies).

There has been a discussion about the failonclear feature a few months ago, if
you want to search for it.

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