Re: [hackers] [sent] Fix error-messages || FRIGN

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2016 15:06:06 +0200


Hiltjo Posthuma wrote:
> Here is a patch that improve the error messages a bit more and a patch that
> checks a memory allocation case.

Thanks, I clarified the split error messages in the first one a bit.

> Subject: [PATCH 2/2] check memory allocation for calloc, die on failure
> …
> - s->img = calloc(1, sizeof(Image));
> + s->img = ecalloc(1, sizeof(Image));

ecalloc does not call die() on failure. It just prints the errno string without
a prefix and then returns NULL. Should we change that to call die() instead? It
would simplify some cases in sent at least, where we currently call
malloc/calloc and check the return code. Is there a case in the other projects
where we don't want to die() on allocation failures? If there are just a few,
they might switch back from ecalloc to calloc. Another option might be to
introduce wecalloc like weprintf in sbase.

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