Re: [hackers] [st][PATCH] Make config.h depend on config.def.h

From: Bob Uhl <>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:58:07 -0700

ACE <> writes:
> I would say this patch causes more problems than it solves.

How come? At least in my own workflow, I've been surprised by an
uncopied config.h repeatedly. My expectation is that if I change a
source file (e.g. config.def.h) that config.h will be updated.

But I always make my customisation changes to config.def.h and let git
merge DTRT when upstream changes things. I can see that if someone
makes them to config.h and manually copies over new config options then
he'd be surprised.

Is this just a case where I'm not understanding how most folks are
performing their customatisations?

Bob Uhl
Received on Fri Dec 02 2016 - 19:58:07 CET

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