[hackers] [dwm] Center windows if useless gaps exist post applysizehints

From: Daniel Cousens <admin_AT_dcousens.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 13:35:59 +1000

It has often annoyed me that my `st` windows would have "gaps" beneath them
and to the right as a result of the size hints not being respected (due to
column widths being enforced nicely in `st`)... however, the annoyance
doesn't come from the fact that it happens, just the lack of symmetry.

This patch enforces that symmetry by performing a dummy resize loop first,
 then using the aggregate remainder, it then adds half of that remainder
as an initial offset, leaving symmetric gaps on each axis, not just the
positive axis'.

This patch has issues though, for whatever reason Chromium doesn't like
this approach whatsoever, and often refuses to resize at all...
Feedback appreciated; and thoughts if this is a better behaviour?

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