Re: [hackers] [tabbed] Move tab selection keybinding from Ctrl-t to Ctrl-` || Quentin Rameau

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2017 11:51:17 +0200

> wrote:
> > Move tab selection keybinding from Ctrl-t to Ctrl-`
> Heyho,

Hi Markus,

> what is the reason for this change? In some keyboard layouts the
> grave accent is on the shift-layer, so it needs an extra key press.
> Of course you can personalize the keybindings with config.h, but why
> make the default more complicated? Also, the man page was not updated.

To be honest, I didn't mean to push it yet, I forgot it was there while
pushing the other fix. Hence the oversight in tabbed.1, but thanks for
spotting it, I'm pushing fix for it!

The main reason was to get it out of the way for embedded applications,
and also I find it more consistant with other tab-access keys (0-9).

Regarding keyboard layouts, well, that's an inherent issue of it and
that's why I provide a keycode patch to solve it (and which is imho a
better solution, but that's a long debate we don't need to get into).
As far as I know suckless tools expect a US keyboard layout by
default and any other one should be user-supported, so that doesn't
make the default more complicated more than any other key.

> --Markus

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