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Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 09:38:15 +0200

hi Quentin,

* Quentin Rameau 2017-05-09 10:05
> Just out of curiosity, what kind of shortcuts do you use there?

shortcuts to bookmarks.

I maintain a bookmarks file in a format borrowed from uzbl long ago when
I switched to surf. It's formatted like

<url> <title>\t[:<shortcut> ][<tag1> [<tag2>]]
e.g. suckless :s code suckless :dwm code surf browser code st terminal emulator code suckless :sl code good :default :sp

then, my SETURI invokes a script that does one of
- return the URI corresponding to a shortcut, if the first argument is a
  shortcut (substituting the rest of the arguments for %s in the URI),
- return the `:default` URI with all arguments (i.e. $_AT_) substituted for
- return the argument itself if it's an URI.

I have also some tooling for filtering on tags (rather than shortcuts),
stripping domains, etc. I may find some time to organise them in a
public repo if anyone is interested.

On a side note: thanks for continuing the work on surf! I'm still on the
old branch but will switch to wk2 very soon.

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