Re: [hackers] issues with 6.1 and single_taglist

From: Jan Christoph Ebersbach <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 08:17:18 +0100

Hi Allan,

I'm the author of the patch. Did you try checking out the exact git version that's referenced in the patch (cdec9782a1789bd5c3a84772fd59abb9da288597)? This might be a good starting point for working your way up to the very latest commit.

My repository includes the single_taglist patch on top of the latest dwm version. However, it sits on top of a long list of patches. If you don't mind that, feel free to check it out.

The single_taglist patch touches every single instance that deals with tags. If you want to maintain it on top of a custom stack of patches I'd recommend to get familiar with the way dwm handles tags and how this is changed into a single taglist.

Jan Christoph

On Thu 08-02-2018 23:22 +0000, Allan Lindsay wrote:

> hi,
> first time caller. have been using dwm for about eight years, and 6.1 for a
> couple years. bought a new monitor today and it worked out-the-box. i wasn't
> very happy with the multi-monitor behaviour though.
> came across single_taglist. tried to patch it, got some chunk rejections.
> single_taglist's readme informed that it was a very intrusive patch that
> would probably break other patches. figured that my other, previous patches
> (and manual dwm.c rewriting) were interfering with it.
> downloaded stock 6.1. same rejection problem - in each case, the last chunk.
> looked at the two diffs offered by the 'clean_patches' github, same problem.
> (well, one had the identical problem, the other broke on almost everything.)
> am fairly familiar with c, and messed around with my dwm.c for a couple of
> hours, but only once did i pass 'make', and then that was really, really
> broken.
> have since gotten single_taglist working on 6.0, but do want 6.1.
> looking for (roughly in order of convenience, though i'd take any of them):
> a. a working stock 6.1 with single_taglist already patched;
> b. a way to patch single_taglist into 6.1;
> c. a dwm.c that won't break on the patch;
> d. a working 6.1 with single_taglist and other patches, which i can remove
> if they don't suit my workflow; or
> e. an explanation of the manual changes i need to make to dwm.c to get have
> single_taglist patch correctly.
> can provide more information about the chunk i'm falling over with, if
> that's helpful. would also really appreciate any general thoughts about why
> this is proving so difficult.
> with thanks,
> allan.

Jan Christoph Ebersbach
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