[hackers] Re: [dwm][PATCH] Remove BUGS and TODO

From: Christopher Drelich <cd_AT_cdrakka.com>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2018 20:01:23 -0400

As an added note:

The included Man page already has a "BUGS" section. There is no
overlap between the bugs in the Man page and the bugs in the BUGS
file. I think keeping some Bugs in the Man page is a good idea,
particularly when there is a workaround. However, I think this is
another reason why there should be no BUGS file included in the source

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 7:40 PM, Christopher Drelich <cd_AT_cdrakka.com> wrote:
> It is not clear if BUGS and TODO are up-to-date, and if people are
> already working on (or have solved these issues.) We also don't know
> much about an individuals setup. There are much better methods of
> keeping track of this information besides textfiles in the source
> tree. Issue trackers, wikis, etc.. are all viable options.
> It seems best to remove these files and discuss further options. It
> might even be useful to find a place to talk about wanted patches
> (Both thsoe that would and would not be included in the main code
> base.)
> ---
> diff --git a/BUGS b/BUGS
> deleted file mode 100644
> index 6c9574a..0000000
> --- a/BUGS
> +++ /dev/null
> _AT_@ -1,44 +0,0 @@
> ----
> -
> -18:17 < Biolunar> when i change my resolution in dwm (to a smaller
> one) and then back to the native, the top bar is not repainted. that's
> since 5.7.2, in 5.6 it worked fine
> -18:19 < Biolunar> is it just happening to me or a (known) bug?
> -18:24 < Biolunar> and in addition, mplayers fullscreen is limited to
> the small resolution after i changed it back to the native
> -
> -reproducible with xrandr -s but not with --output and --mode, strange
> -
> ----
> -
> -yet another corner case:
> -open a terminal, focus another monitor, but without moving the mouse
> -pointer there
> -if there is no client on the other monitor to get the focus, then the
> -terminal will be unfocused but it will accept input
> -
> ----
> -
> -Donald Allen reported this:
> -
> -starting emacs from dmenu in archlinux results in missing configure
> of emacs, but mod1-space or mod1-shift-space fix this problem. this
> problem is new and did not happen in 1.6 xorg servers
> -
> ----
> -
> -voltaic reports this:
> -
> -When I use two monitors, one larger in resolution than the other, the
> -bar is drawn using the smaller x-dimension on both screens. I think
> -what's happening is that there are two bars drawn, but the short bar
> -is always on top of the long bar such that I can't see the information
> -under the short bar. If I switch to the small screen, hide the short
> -bar, and then switch to the large screen, the long bar is drawn
> -correctly.
> -
> -A similar problem occurs when I have started dwm on a small resolution
> -monitor (laptop screen) and then I switch to a large external display.
> -When I do this, the bar itself is drawn for the original smaller
> -resolution, but the information to be printed on the bar is
> -right-aligned for a longer bar. So what I see is a bar that has the
> -right hand side of it cut-off. See attached screenshot.
> -
> -I am using standard options for xrandr such as --output VGA1 --auto, etc.
> -
> ----
> diff --git a/TODO b/TODO
> deleted file mode 100644
> index b33a08d..0000000
> --- a/TODO
> +++ /dev/null
> _AT_@ -1,4 +0,0 @@
> -- add a flag to Key to execute the command on release (needed for commands
> - affecting the keyboard grab, see scrot -s for example)
> -- add updategeom() hook for external tools like dzen
> -- consider onscreenkeyboard hooks for tablet deployment
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