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From: Maarten van Gompel <proycon_AT_anaproy.nl>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 17:46:32 +0100


We have done some considerable work on svkbd in the scope of the sxmo
project and would like to again merge these changes upstream to
suckless, like before. Before I inundate your mailing list with a series
of 22 patches (after I already did some commit squashing), I'd first
like to get your opinion on the best way to proceed.

The tree I'd like to merge is the following (mergerequest0.3.0 branch):


This 0.3.0 release implements various user interface and usability

 * Press-on-release functionality has been implemented and set as the
   default. This makes svkbd more robust against misclicks.
 * The colour scheme has been expanded and updated; overlays,
   highlights and pressed buttons are more clearly distinguished.
 * XResources support has been added to make the colour schemes
   and fonts more easily configurable.
 * Secondary labels have been added (for the shift version), and have
   their own colour scheme.
 * The grid lines have been removed
 * The mobile-intl layout (the default) gets an extra row for numbers
   (closer to a full keyboard) and some of the layout has been changed.
 * A mobile-simple layout has been added that offers a more minimalistic
   layout comparable to android and iOS. Good for tiny devices.
 * Svkbd can optionally output keypresses to standard output, and X11
   simulation can be disabled.
 * Various bugfixes and improvements

A screenshot of how it looks now (on a pinephone):

Or from another sxmo user who modded things a bit:

Some considerations that are possibly relevant for the merge: I realize
there are some things like xresources support that you guys typically
put in opt-in patches. Of course that is an option though it would
complicate the packaging a bit. From our view we prefer if it could
make it into the main tree as-is. Relying solely on editing config.h can be a
bit too rigid when dealing with mobile devices (cross-compiling vs
on-device build dependencies etc).

We're of course committed to keeping svkbd simple and lightweight, the new
standard output feature helps to facilitate that: In true unix
philosophy style, it allows us to pipe the output of the keyboard to
another tool (https://git.sr.ht/~proycon/clickclack) that will provide
audio feedback and haptic feedback, preventing unnecessary bloat in
svkbd itself. Something similar can be envisioned for autocomplete or
spelling correction in the future; as independent components from svkbd.

What do you think? What's the best way to proceed? Want me to submit the
patch series here or do you prefer to grab them?

Kind Regards,

Maarten van Gompel
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