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From: Dave Blanchard <>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2022 13:21:51 -0600

On Tue, 1 Mar 2022 11:18:41 +0100
"Roberto E. Vargas Caballero" <> wrote:

> 'appkey' and 'appcursor' are modes in the vt100, you only have to search in the
> vt100 documentation [1] for application mode and/or numeric mode. You can also
> search for the terminfo sequences rmkx and smkx in terminfo(5).

You could have stopped your comment here, and my response would have been simply 'Ah, I see; thank you.' But now, given the continuation of your response below, I'll have to response in kind.

> > On that note, regrettably it will be necessary for me to fork this project, if for no other reason than to properly comment it, so that its functionality can be understood and easily modified. It's a shame that such a nice little program is marred by its total lack of commentation, along with poorly chosen function and variable names. The use of tabs in the source code isn't particularly desirable either, IMO.
> Please, fork it and leave us quiet, we don't need people like you
> that are proud of not knowing things.

'Proud of not knowing things'? LOL.

You're speaking to the guy who built his own entire Linux distro from scratch, with over a thousand packages, based on LibreSSL and other non-everyday dependencies, and now almost fully ported over to musl-libc as well. This system is built using a very simple set of shell scripts with ccache and distcc integrated into the build process, along with other interesting, useful features. I use it exclusively on all my PCs.

By the way, I'm not only good with computers; I'm an expert mechanic also, an expert distiller, an knowledgeable electrician, plumber, refrigeration technician, and am quite knowledgeable on numerous other things you likely know nothing about. But I'm "proud of not knowing things." Right.

I've compiled, built, and written patches for countless packages, including many patches to Chromium. I've seen every kind of source code under the sun, from great to piss poor. I'm well qualified to comment on the quality of your code, or *lack thereof*.

I was trying to be *nice* in my comment, but I guess that's hard to get across to someone who's determined to be offended.

> Appkey and Appcursor are related to the vt100 way of working,

...Which was not at all made apparent to anyone anywhere, because THERE ARE NO COMMENTS EVEN HINTING AT THIS IN THE SOURCE. I shouldn't have to "just Google it" to learn a general idea of how YOUR SOURCE CODE works. Especially when the place in question where these terms were first introduced was on the config.def.h, a CONFIG FILE that the end user is expected to edit to suit his own purposes. How was I supposed to know that searching for these terms would even be a correct thing to do, when there is NOTHING to even hint that these are general VT100 terms, and not something specific to 'st' itself?

Do you expect your software to be used and configured only by people who are already terminal experts? Or are you foolish enough to think that "just Google it" is the correct answer to everything? What will you do when the Internet and Google is gone? You and all others who absolutely depend on it will be up shit creek. You will instantly lose 50 IQ points. Meanwhile I will keep computing as I always have--because I DOCUMENT EVERYTHING right at the place where it's used, instantly of lazily expecting myself or others to 'just Google it.'

> and the objective of the source code of st is not to teach you about how terminals work.

It's clear the objective of the source code of ST isn't to teach the user about ANYTHING; including basics like 'ok, the overall purpose of this function is 'X', or 'this variable does Y, which you can obviously tell by its well-chosen name.'

> Please, the next time before going into a community with that total lack of etiquette

You lecturing ME about etiquette? LOL.

When was the last time you left your basement? Do you speak to your mother this way?

Dave Blanchard <>
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