Re: [hackers][quark][patch] pre-compression

From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 17:32:03 +0200

On Tue, 16 Aug 2022 11:19:55 -0400 wrote:

Dear fossy,

> Ah.. so very complicated, huh? Oh, well..

it's not a low-hanging-fruit by any means, yes.

> Hey, so.. I have a question.. how come that Suckless' web-site isn't
> hosted using Quark? If I remember correctly - it's Nginx?
> Like - not even OpenBSD's httpd??

The site is currently served using nginx. As far as I can tell, we just
haven't gotten around to switching over to OpenBSD's httpd.

To be completely frank, quark is a tool for a very limited scope, and
I've been battling with certain aspects for quite a while. It's good
for quickly hosting something from the command line, but lacks in other

On OpenBSD, I would even recommend its httpd over quark in most cases.

> I find Quark fine enough.. just couldn't manage to log messages with a
> command.. probably could add a few lines for logging.. but I just..
> I'm too lazy for that :/

It's as simple as

        quark > log

and a daily cron for log-rotation that amounts to

        mv log log.2022-08-16

or something (fired daily at midnight, the date of course generated on
the fly for the filename).

With best regards

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