Re: [hackers] [dwm][PATCH RESEND 0/2] Const-correctness fixes

From: Chris Down <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2022 12:24:33 +0100

Quentin Rameau writes:
>> Hi Quentin,
>Hey Cris,
>> In general the existing code seems confused, no?
>A code isn't confused, the reader might be though.

I beg to differ when the code declares something const but later then decides
it isn't ;-)

>Is there something you are not actually understanding here?

No, but the code seems unnecessarily obtuse.

>> Either we shouldn't pass them in as const in the first place,
>> or we should maintain the constness that we
>> declare in the function parameters.
>The constness is “maintained” here, the function gets a "const FcChar8 *"

That's quite different: the code passes it a FcChar8* which it then treats as a
const FcChar8*. Case in point, GCC 12.1.1 and clang 14.0.6 both generate
different code.

I really don't see why we would break the chain of const custody intentionally,
it seems a super weird thing to push back against.

>> There shouldn't be any logical change here, but it seems weird to say things
>> are not mutable up front and then waver about it later. Right now there's no
>> UB, but making sure we don't cast away the const mitigates the risk altogether.
>There is no risk here.

Likely, but we're relying on system libs with unknown ABI version. Making it
`const` makes our intentions clear and avoids confusedly turning a const
variable into a non-const one. This isn't a bug fix.

>I think that the cast here is actually unnecessary, isn't it?

No, because FcChar8 is unsigned, but the default signedness of char may be
either way.
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