[hackers][dvtm] Hidden state bug

From: <fossy_AT_dnmx.org>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 15:44:02 -0400

When I launch dvtm via something like "DVTM_TERM=st dvtm", dvtm seems to
open, but then - the 1st tab is hidden.
If I do MOD+s, it becomes unhidden, and everything seems to be like it
should be.
Now, this is only for the 1st tab, and this isn't a problem if in the
previous command I do "dvtm_status" instead of "dvtm".. A bit puzzled.

While at it - does anyone know how to play videos (non-ASCII) with
something like MPV, on FreeBSD? Would be awesome to replace DWM with dvtm,
to use even less resources, etc... or at least would do a pretty cool
Sorry for asking this here, but I'm banned in #Suckless for venting and

Have a nice day, heckin' army
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