Re: [hackers] [st][PATCH] reset the cursor shape to the default with DECSCUSR param 0

From: Koichi Murase <>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2022 00:12:16 +0900

2022年9月6日(火) 22:30 Steve Ward <>:
> FWIW, xterm treats 0 the same as 1.

2022年9月6日(火) 22:35 Hiltjo Posthuma <>:
> Hi,
> Are you sure it is correct?
> The page describes:

Thanks, I wouldn't include in the commit message all the related
discussions made in the references, so I would appreciate it if you
could also see the discussions in Refs. [1] and [2]. This is just
because xterm doesn't allow configuring the default cursor shape, so
the default cursor shape is always the blinking block. This is
consistent with the idea that param 0 causes the cursor shape to be
the default. The same applies to the VT terminals, the first source of
DECSCUSR [3]. However, st allows configuring the default in config.h,
so the "default" 0 and "blinking block" 1 aren't necessarily the same
anymore. This is already mentioned and discussed in [1] and [2].
Actually, I'm not sure if the original VT did behave as described in
[1], but at least it is practical, and other terminals that allow
configuring the default follow.


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> Hiltjo
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