Re: [hackers][quark] Quark don't print-out output after dettach

From: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2023 14:02:48 -0500

Hey, Laslo!
I found what the problem was.
Well.. it wasn't really ME, but I helped.

Before I continue, let's quickly repeat the problem:
Inside of FreeBSD - I couldn't get Quark to redirect output (of incoming
connections) to a log file..
I tried 2>&1, >&, &>, >/dev/null and some combinations of those.. nothing

Before I copy-paste what others told me, I'll like to tell you what worked
for me:
I put that before I run Quark - and it logged/redirected output nicely to
a log file as expected.

Now to copy-paste what others said:
(on FreeBSD, someone else was trying to do the same thing (seems to be more
skilled than me, rtprio): getting Quark to output to a log file inside of a
FreeBSD jail)

<rtprio> daemon should really be able to grab it, yes
<rtprio> i don't know if it needs a fflush or what
<daemon> stderr is normally hot stdout is normally buffered in most
<daemon> that means stdbus is called in the child
(what we agreed that works)
daemon -o /tmp/quark stdbuf -i0 -o0 -e0 quark -p 8000 -d /tmp -l
<daemon> it was quarks faul
<daemon> t
<daemon> if it was before daemon it was daemon's fault
<daemon> if it was within daemons exec child it was quarks
<rtprio> daemon detaches so that doesn't make any sense
<rtprio> of course it wouldn't have stderr open
<daemon> if its on the inside of what daemon starts, the only thing buffering
writes can be the child
<daemon> because that is all you changed
<daemon> by having stdbug inside, the child daemon created got told it has no

P.S. yes - it's a coincidence that the user is also named 'daemon'.

Now there's no need to feel sad about the "it was quarks fault" - we all
something new pretty much every day (if we want to learn, that is).
I am just fucking happy I got my gucchi server of choice (Quark) to work as I
want it.

I hope I helped :) sorry I didn't add an patch as well xD
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