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+Style guide of code hosted on suckless.org
+When it comes to code style questions, it is very likely that individual
+programmers will disagree with certain guidelines. It is absolutely fine to use
+an individual style for individual projects, especially if only one developer
+is involved. However, if there are two or more programmers involved in a
+project, a guidelines gets handy to meet the first basic rule we follow:
+* Code developed by different individuals should follow a common style among those to found a consistent base.
+Thus consistency in the code style being used is more important than any
+particular detail of the style itself. Due the fact, that most software of
+suckless.org has been developed by more than one individual, some sort of
+common style found in the code appeared during the past years. This common style is
+described in detail, further on.
+C++ was used in the early beginning and has been abandoned for various reasons.
+A summary of those reasons is: Nearly nobody understands C++ in all its
+facettes and details. C++ has been designed and evolved to support any
+programming language paradigm and feature that has been invented by programming
+language designers until the OO hype and beyond. This leads to mutual
+exclusive programming paradigms and styles in one language and basically
+destroys the simplicity, beauty and clarity of its ancestor C. The usual
+workaround in the C++ world is to stick to certain C++ subsets, like only using
+one calling convention, not using exceptions, not using STL but using libstdc++
+It took quite a while for some of us to realize that C++ leads to more complex
+software in general, because it provides the feature richness to do so. This is
+especially dangerous if average programmers are involved in a project. In our
+experience it is much more likely that a C++ project driven by average
+programmers will fail, than a C project driven by average programmers. The
+reason for this is simple: C++ is hard to deal with when it is used in all its
+feature richness.
+We don't argue that C++ software performs better or worse than software written
+in C, because this is silly. However we argue that in general C++ software
+performs much more poorly than software written in C, because of its tendency
+to complexity and its hidden pitfalls like expensive function calls in loops or
+too many inlines.
+All these problems do not happen with C, because C is to simple for being
+misused in too many ways.
+So we come to the second rule of this style guide:
+* We use C as primary programming language because it is clear, simple, and beautiful on its own already.
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