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 Google Summer of Code 2009
+We are applying as a mentoring organization for GSoC 2009.
+We are home of quality software such as dwm, dmenu, libixp, and wmii, with a
+focus on simplicity, clarity and frugality. Our philosophy is about keeping
+things simple, small and elitist. We believe that this philosophy should be the
+mainstream philosophy in the IT world. Unfortunately the tendency to complex,
+error-prone and slow software seems to be the major driver in todays IT world.
+We aim to proof the opposite with our software projects.
+Our project scopes focus on advanced and experienced computer users. In
+contrast to the usual commercial software world or many mainstream OpenSource
+projects, who focus more on average and normal end users, we believe that
+experienced users are pretty much ignored in most software projects. This is
+particularly true for user interfaces, such as graphical environments on the
+desktop, on mobiles, and in so-called Web applications. We believe that the
+market of experienced users is growing continously, because every computer user
+advances during the time and looks for more appropriate solutions for his work
+style from time to time.
+Our philosophy makes us an ideal mentoring organization for GSoC, because our
+focus on the essential details is much more likely to deliver great achievable
+results in the limited period of time for students, than big projects with more
+likely flaky and unfinished results of other mentoring organizations.
+In contrast to most projects in the OpenSource world we focus on strong
+leadership. We usually have a single project leader who maintains the
+mainstream code repository and a bigger crowd of reviewers and contributors
+discussing the future improvements on the dedicated project mailing lists and
+on IRC.
+We intend that each student will be the project leader of his/her
+particular project and the only individual with the privilege to commit to this
+repository. There will be one project mentor for each project and the existing
+suckless community as more rigid external reviewers of the progress of the
+student, and also of the mentor.
+We offer at least one backup mentor for each student from our community.
+Our project ideas for GSoC 2009 are intended to focus on:
+* Graphical user interfaces for expert users (such as more advanced concepts for mail clients, messaging clients, music players, text editors)
+* Web applications for expert users collaborating the GUI concepts
+* Mobile applications for expert user collaborating the GUI concepts
+* General Unix/Linux userland enhancements
+* Audio applications
+* Image/Streaming/Gallery desktop and web applications
+* Foundations of a new windowing system for Unix/Linux (based on xorg drivers, but no X11- or XServer-dependency)
+* Improvements of our existing software projects
 Post your ideas for students projects during [Google's Summer of Code
 2009][1] here. See the [FAQ entry][2] on the ideas list for further details.
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