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 first place.
 ### Unix utilities
 Although there have been several attempts to replace GNU coretutils on
 GNU/Linux by smaller counterparts, no suckless collection POSIX-compliant
 utilities exits. Existing solutions could be evaluated and reused if
 ### Port dwm to Microsoft Windows
 Many dwm users who have to use Microsoft Windows regularly have proposed
 to port dwm to Microsoft Windows. There are several tiling window managers
 but unfortunately the majority are proprietary software.
 ### ddm
 At the moment there is no suckless display manager for X11 thus a new
 dynamic display manager (ddm) should designed and implemented.
 ### Comprehensive code audit
 All software hosted at suckless.org should undergo a comprehensive
 code audit. This includes search for vulnerabilities, verification of
 all algorithms, proof-reading of the documentation and possibly code
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 in this field.
 ### stm
 There seems to be a need for a suckless ticket management system,
 as this is a common task in today's daily activity in businesses
 and in private time management. This task would include the design
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 of TTS, ARS and TRS all together.
 ### Suckless programming language
 Although sufficient, C is not a perfect programming language. It suffers
 from legacy syntax and semantics and lacks features that make designing
 libraries and developing abstractions much easier. To address the
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