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 Suckless.org is applying as a mentoring organization for [Google Summer of
 Code 2009][1].
 We are home of quality software such as dwm, dmenu, libixp, and wmii, with a
 focus on simplicity, clarity and frugality. Our [philosophy](/common/) is about
 keeping things simple, minimal and elitist. We believe that this philosophy
_AT_@ -33,6 +35,8 @@
 the future improvements on the [dedicated project mailing lists and on
 We intend that each student will be the project leader of his/her
 particular project and the only individual with the privilege to commit to
 this repository. There will be one project mentor for each project and the
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 We offer at least one backup mentor for each student from our community.
 The following persons have volunteered to serve as mentor during Google
 Summer of Code 2009:
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