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Removed obsolete references to sidebar and the manpage link...

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 Are there any example customisations to get me started?
-On the sidebar of this wiki page you will soon find links to example modifications that you may find useful to get started.
+Various customisation options are illustrated in the sub-directories of this wiki page. Under each of the categories (customfuncs, fonts, etc.,) you will find example modifications that will get you started.
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 hovering over the window. Then execute the bind `[Shift]+[Alt]+[2]` to move the
 window to the 2 tag. `[Alt]+[2]` moves your focus to tag 2.
-As stated in the [manpage](manpage.html#lbAG) you can click tags with the left
+As stated in the manpage you can click tags with the left
 mouse button and simulating `[Alt]+[tag number]`, but you can also click an
 other tag with the right mouse button in order to bring those windows additionally
 into your current focus.
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