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Adding a masterplan to sta.li.

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+The Masterplan
+Building a different OS with a complete different mindset from
+what is mainly used is difficult and time-consuming. To keep
+the ideals of suckless in its design and principles there needs
+to be a certain guideline how to accomplish sta.li.
+1.) Get a static base environment working
+2.) Allow the emulation of the old dynamically-linked environment
+3.) Make the installation user-friendly
+4.) Maintain the community
+1.) Get a static base environment working
+Steps in this direction have been done in the
+[sabotage](https://github.com/chneukirchen/sabotage) and
+Linux distribution. They should serve as a base for further
+a further extension to make a base environment which can be
+used by the average suckless user.
+2.) Allow the emulation of the old behaviour
+In this step some easy way to emulate the old dynamic linking,
+which will allow to use pre-existing packages for other
+distributions, is needed to be implemented.
+A proposal for the emulation directory is '/old'. All applications
+running below this directory will be run in a chroot under this
+Linux is still struggling with Windows compatibility, which brought
+really obscure design decisions to the Open Source environment. It
+will take a long time to convert active developers to our principles.
+3.) Make the installation user-friendly
+For this step the Arch Linux way of text installation could be
+simply copied. The GUI way of Ubuntu will stop people from
+4.) Maintain the community
+Maintaining an Open Source community isn't just maintaining the
+status quo. It needs templates and tutorials on how to spread
+the suckless ways of thinking and being productive. The web is
+not a part of this.
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