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    Add st 0.6 release and reshuffle the st page.

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_AT_@ -40,6 +40,11 @@ What has been implemented:
 * resize
 * shortcuts via config.h
 * line drawing
+* wide-character support
+* serial line support
+* XIM support
+* clipboard handling
+* utmp via utmp(1)
 See the [goals](http://st.suckless.org/goals) section for more details.
_AT_@ -49,91 +54,10 @@ Configuration
 The configuration is done in `config.h` (like in dwm). See the comments in the
 generated `config.h` to edit it to your needs.
-## Why does st not handle utmp entries?
-Use the excellent tool of [utmp](http://git.suckless.org/utmp/) for this task.
-## Some _random program_ complains that st is unknown/not recognised/unsupported/whatever!
-It means that st doesn’t have any terminfo entry on your system. Chances are
-you did not `make install`. If you just want to test it without installing it,
-you can manualy run `tic -s st.info`.
-## Nothing works, and nothing is said about an unknown terminal!
-* Some programs just assume they’re running in xterm i.e. they don’t rely on
- terminfo. What you see is the current state of the “xterm compliance”.
-* Some programs don’t complain about the lacking st description and default to
- another terminal. In that case see the question about terminfo.
-## I get some weird glitches/visual bug on _random program_!
-Try launching it with a different TERM: $ TERM=xterm myapp. toe(1) will give
-you a list of available terminals, but you’ll most likely switch between xterm,
-st or st-256color. The default value for TERM can be changed in config.h
-## How do I scroll back up?
-Using a terminal multiplexer.
-* `st -e tmux` using C-b [
-* `st -e screen` using C-a ESC
-## Why doesn't the Del key work in some programs?
-Taken from the terminfo manpage:
- If the terminal has a keypad that transmits codes when the keys
- are pressed, this information can be given. Note that it is not
- possible to handle terminals where the keypad only works in
- local (this applies, for example, to the unshifted HP 2621 keys).
- If the keypad can be set to transmit or not transmit, tive these
- codes as smkx and rmkx. Otherwise the keypad is assumed to
- always transmit.
-In the st case smkx=E[?1hE= and rmkx=E[?1lE>, so it is mandatory that
-applications which want to test against keypad keys, have to send these
-But buggy applications like bash and irssi for example don't do this. A fast
-solution for them is to use the following command:
- $ printf "?1h=" >/dev/tty
- $ echo $(tput smkx) >/dev/tty
-In the case of bash readline is used. Readline has a different note in its
-manpage about this issue:
- enable-keypad (Off)
- When set to On, readline will try to enable the
- application keypad when it is called. Some systems
- need this to enable arrow keys.
-Adding this option to your .inputrc will fix the keypad problem for all
-applications using readline.
-If you are using zsh, then read the zsh FAQ
- It should be noted that the O / [ confusion can occur with other keys
- such as Home and End. Some systems let you query the key sequences
- sent by these keys from the system's terminal database, terminfo.
- Unfortunately, the key sequences given there typically apply to the
- mode that is not the one zsh uses by default (it's the "application"
- mode rather than the "raw" mode). Explaining the use of terminfo is
- outside of the scope of this FAQ, but if you wish to use the key
- sequences given there you can tell the line editor to turn on
- "application" mode when it starts and turn it off when it stops:
- function zle-line-init () { echoti smkx }
- function zle-line-finish () { echoti rmkx }
- zle -N zle-line-init
- zle -N zle-line-finish
-Putting these lines into your .zshrc will fix the problems.
+The FAQ is maintained in the st git repository and can be rad
_AT_@ -142,7 +66,7 @@ Links
-* [st 0.5](http://dl.suckless.org/st/st-0.5.tar.gz) (2014-04-05)
+* [st 0.6](http://dl.suckless.org/st/st-0.6.tar.gz) (2015-07-07)
 * [MIT/X Consortium license](http://git.suckless.org/st/plain/LICENSE)
_AT__AT_ -153,9 +77,5 @@ st is actively developed. You can [browse](http://git.suckless.org/st) its sourc
-* Anselm R. Garbe
-* Aurélien Aptel
-* Devin J. Pohly
-* Christoph Lohmann
-* Roberto E. Vargas Caballero
+* see the LICENSE file
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_AT_@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ Read more about our [philosophy](/philosophy) and join us on the [mailing list](
+[st 0.6](http://st.suckless.org) released: [download](http://dl.suckless.org/st/st-0.6.tar.gz)
 There will be [slcon2](http://suckless.org/conference/) held in Budpast end of Oct 2015.
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