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    Add the web to topics that suck.

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 See the [philosophy](http://suckless.org/philosophy) page about what
 applies to this page.
+Bigger topics that suck:
+[systemd](http://suckless.org/http://suckless.org/sucks/systemd), [the
 These libraries are broken/considered harmful and should not be used if it's
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+The Web Sucks
+It has enabled the global information exchange, mass surveillance, studies in
+social control, allowed revolutions, made a fortune for many billionaires and
+in the meanwhile ruined our climate: the web.
+[This is a moterfucking website.](http://motherfuckingwebsite.com/)
+For short: There is an industry which is specialized on extending the resource
+usage to display just some characters on your display. Millions of jobs are
+based on outputting HTML in an inefficient way. Look at PHP and all the
+techniques to extend it's "scalability". It is not scalable, it's a
+prototyping language. Not to mention all it's syntactic irregulatories.
+Nowadays classes on classes on classes with getter and setter functions define
+buttons which can be stripped down to just a simple character string. The web
+is the practical example why corporate software development does not work and
+never will. It only ruins our environment, sanity and many brains which could
+be used for the better of humanity.
+PHP was used as the primary example for how interpreted languages produce
+resource waste. There were optimisations for compiling PHP to C++(!). But this
+is just a way to allow the mass of programmer sheep to go on and sleep calm at
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